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Hawaii Documentary

                                                           Honolulu Hawaii / North Shore

Earlier this month I was hired as the Director of Photographer of ” A Gift ” Directed by Cidney Kent; a Feature film based in Hawaii

It was a 5 day trip, 3 day shoot. We ranged from underwater, fantastic interviews to some of the best views in the world. I was approached by Cid nearly 3 months ago to shoot her documentary. It was a great opportunity to finally shoot a cinematic documentary. Cid express the style of the documentary to me, it was such passion that she was putting into such a documentary. She was telling me for weeks how I would be amazed how green everything was, and she sure wasn’t kidding.

I will start from the beginning of the trip till the very end!

We had taken off from Orlando Airport at 6:05 AM and landed in NJ, from NJ we then went to Honolulu, my god what a very long flight!

Day 01: We were to film underwater shots / capture interviews of the indigenous hawaiian’s.

Miles our underwater camera guy did and amazing job capturing the underwater sealife! Just breath-taking! I was very impressed with what we shot on our first day, I shot most of my shots on sticks, while Miles was floating on shore and in the water going handheld. All the beach shots were shot on my Canon 5D with a 70-200 shot at 24fps.

Day 02:

This was a day of our dramatic interviews, both interviews were such great people! The love for their familes was vibrant and indeed simple to see.

Again I shot all interviews on the Canon 5D, I was shooting on the 70-200 & the 50mm 1.4 lit the interview with the Rosco Light Panels which are daylight, use 2 full squares and a quarter square with half CTO on it, the right Full square was on a dimmer at about 65%

We got some fantastic interviews, this was also shot on the cineprofile setting and below will be a screen-grab from a before and after shot of one of the interviews.


Day 03:

We had went into Honolulu for some time-lapses from the hona hona room. I had reached out on Twitter for anyone who was in Hawaii with some tips on some great locations and Jason Johnson (@jasonjohnson6) had connected me with a professional photographer that literally lived 2mins from where I was staying (Sharks Cove) I then had met Andy, Andy knew Hawaii like it was the back of his hand! He had made a phone call to the General Manager of the Hona Hona room which then lead me to lock in the time slot to be able to shoot two of the most amazing time lapses ever!


To wraps things up:

I traveled to Hawaii with 4 check in cases and 2 carry on’s. I originally was going to bring my Kesllercrane Cineslider but at the very last minute I had to pick from the equipment I was bringing that I really needed the most. Unfortunately the slider did not go this time but it will surely make a trip next time!

I also used the 16-35 2.8 for nearly every timelapse I shot. I used the 70-200 most of the trip, I was able to move around quicker with the 70-200 vs my primes. I also made great use of my Marshal monitor / EVF on the beach! Digged the Zacuto Baseplate, wouldn’t been able to have went handheld as quick as I did if it wasn’t for the baseplate.

To the list of equipment I used, I was finally able to fully test the Shoot35 mattebox and follow focus and I must say both of those are great for the price! Stunning quality parts.

My trip was totally fulfilled, can’t say big enough thanks to the executive producer Dan for going over and beyond on the trip! Cid did a stunning job getting everything in place for me when I got to Hawaii. Also gotta’ hand it to my girlfriend who had came with me as my assistant! She did a stunning job, wouldn’t have been able to do this with out her & the support!

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